Growing (Up) in Faith

Have you been looking for realistic, engaging ideas to teach young children (birth through age five) about their Catholic faith? This e-book follows the liturgical year with easy-to-do activities and age-appropriate information for the littlest children of the Kingdom.

Many thanks to Matthew Baker Thompson for the cover design!

Growing (Up) in Faith: A Guide for Catholic Parents of Young Children is written from a Catholic perspective, but has many ideas that will appeal to Christians of all denominations. Drawing on my knowledge as a parent, Sunday school teacher, and psychologist, I have written realistic, age-appropriate ways to help your child grow, and grow up, in faith. Also, each chapter ends with a reflection for parents to use for their own spiritual growth.

Smashwords offers the file in formats compatible with computers or any e-reader, smart phone, etc. This includes a print-friendly PDF. The book costs $2.99 at all retailers, but my royalties are bigger if you buy from Smashwords!

10% of author royalties will be donated to Angel Care, a ministry providing cribs and car seats for families in need.

"I wish I had a resource like this when my kids were little." Lisa @ Granola Catholic (Read more here!)

"So if you're looking for some handy tips on cultivating the spiritual life of your extra youngins and you, like me, are enamored with the glorious liturgical seasons of the Church, check this ebook out." Dwija @ House Unseen. Life Unscripted. (Read more here!)


  1. Will this be available on Amazon?

  2. Yes. Not positive when it will be live there, but I'll post on Facebook once it is available.

  3. I just joined your FB page... I'm an ecumenical Christian in the traditions of the Reformation and definitely will check out your book; peace!