Thursday, June 22, 2017


I dreamed last night that I was grieving the loss of Fr. Jerry Appleby, a dear pastor of mine who died recently. In the dream, I was still in college, and I knew you were working an event at the library, so I went to see you. I didn't even plan to tell you about Fr. Jerry; I knew just being around you would bring me joy. You always love so fully, always finding a way to care for your friends. There were a few lines, but I caught sight of you at the head of one, in your black CAS tshirt, bracing your hands on the counter with that smile, as if you were just about to get into mischief.

And then the whole dream froze, like pushing pause on a movie. Just a still frame of you, grinning at the customer you were helping. And even in my dream, reality came crashing back in, that you weren't there and never would be again.

I miss you.