Thursday, June 22, 2017


I dreamed last night that I was grieving the loss of Fr. Jerry Appleby, a dear pastor of mine who died recently. In the dream, I was still in college, and I knew you were working an event at the library, so I went to see you. I didn't even plan to tell you about Fr. Jerry; I knew just being around you would bring me joy. You always love so fully, always finding a way to care for your friends. There were a few lines, but I caught sight of you at the head of one, in your black CAS tshirt, bracing your hands on the counter with that smile, as if you were just about to get into mischief.

And then the whole dream froze, like pushing pause on a movie. Just a still frame of you, grinning at the customer you were helping. And even in my dream, reality came crashing back in, that you weren't there and never would be again.

I miss you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our School Room

I used some of my Christmas money to finally complete our school room, adding accessories to the steel pegboard. I'm sure it will change as the kids get older, but for now - perfection! 😊

Mostly Mommy's corner: filing cabinets, printer, laminator, Marvel placemat to keep papers from falling into the crack between the cabinets, pencil sharpener, bulletin board, steel pegboard.

Very pleased to have glue, scissors, etc. out of reach of the children!

Board games; boxes of stencils, coloring books, and other activities; nature table (including our terrariums from Jardin Terrariums!); rainbow drawers for various types of paper, manipulatives, math tools, etc.; blue drawers of Play-Doh, stamps, and water paints; leaning tower of play sets; the kids' desk - with masking tape down the middle because we needed that; their top three favorite art projects on display.

The IKEA shelves (yay Craigslist!) hold picture books shelved by genre and board books on the bottom two rows, oversized books, seasonal supplies for our altar, and a basket of ABC Saints in the middle row, ongoing projects in the fourth row, and possibilities in the top row. The very top has various kits and tools along with the beginning of Jeremy's map collection until he finds a better place for it.

The china cabinet may miss its days as a dedicated china cabinet, but is much more useful as a holding place for miscellaneous school things. I did let it keep one shelf of figurines and such to remind it of its former days of elegance. The hopscotch mat is good for exercise and math problems. The little desk ideally is for Rose while the other two use their desk, but in reality it stays empty and Rose tries to pull their things away from them. Hiding under the huge globe are our puzzles, above it is my trusty unkillable Christmas cactus.