Monday, November 17, 2014

Small Victories

The furnace technician arrived a few minutes before 8:00 this morning (just routine maintenance) and I was already dressed and able to calmly answer the door. Anne hadn't had breakfast yet, but that was her decision. Apparently no one microwaves chicken nuggets like Daddy.

We slithered into Mass during the entrance procession, but we got there!

I accomplished all my cleaning goals for the day. Which was to sweep two rooms and empty the dishwasher. Let's not get crazy.

I had a very productive spiritual direction session that I think I'll be mentally unpacking for quite some time.

Jeremy made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches tonight, forever changing Heesu's perception of what that food should be. "This is really good! Grilled cheese are always junk, but this is very delicious!" Her only experience before tonight had been buttered white bread and American cheese. Jeremy's combination of mozzarella with tomatoes on wheat bread basted with olive oil astounded her. (OK, this is not really my victory. But it was fun to enjoy his victory!)

I finally connected with one of the kids in my class who has been pushing since the beginning of the year to find out how far she can go. She was a great addition to class tonight, not a single inappropriate comment or even facial expression. She's a smart kid and natural leader, so it was wonderful to have her engaged. AND got us out of the potential power struggle that seemed to be on the horizon!

This excellent ponytail placement is not today's victory,
but fits the theme anyway.

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