Friday, November 21, 2014

7QT (Vol. 108): Anne Says and Peter Pictures

Anne has a cold and might be teething, too. She was up about every 20 minutes last night, mostly gassy, which I suspect is from swallowing a lot of air with her cold. We let her sleep in our bed all night, so not very restful for any of us.

This morning, Jeremy cheerfully changed diapers and got breakfast for both kids while I got a solid extra 30 minutes of sleep. My hero. When he got to work, he sent me the following Anne quotes from breakfast:

"Daddy, doughnut?"
"No, this is a bagel."
"No, doughnut."
"It's a bagel. See? It has seeds."
(concerned) "Why?"

(referring to chicken) "Baby!"
Peter: "Anne, why do you like babies so much?"
"I dunno. Never boring."

(later) "Daddy, doughnut?"
"It's not a doughnut, sweetheart, it's a bagel."
"Me doughnut?"
Hope springs eternal...

I realize I have been unusually lax in posting adorable pictures of my children. This is particularly bad since those pictures are the main reason most people visit my blog. I'll compensate with some pictures of Peter from when he was the age Anne is now (almost 2). How time flies!


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