Friday, October 24, 2014

7QT (Vol. 106): A Well-Ordered Environment

I took a Myers-Briggsish online quiz earlier this week to confirm what I already know: I'm introverted, driven by data rather than emotion, respectful of laws and traditions, and "extremely well-organized and methodical." Maybe a bit too much so.

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely value to this. My friends are astounded by how thoroughly both of my kids will clean up, being certain each toy goes in its designated area. I just say OCD has a genetic component.
Though there are 5 things out of place in this picture alone,
so it's not like I'm crazy about it... right?

I'm also good at proofreading, knowing where items are in the house, and keeping the kids' clothes (past, current, and future sizes) well-organized. Being excruciatingly organized made school and work more efficient, too.

But then there are things I can't let go. Somehow in the past month, two of the teaspoons from our flatware set disappeared. And a mismatched one appeared. It's like there's a little imp out there getting great pleasure out of seeing me count the teaspoons every time I put away the flatware, hoping the wanderers have returned.

And the light switches. We have a few lights with two switches, both of which share switch plates with other switches... And there is no way to have all the switches down at the same time while the lights are off. C'mon electricians, how hard would that have been to do for me?

For obvious reasons, I am a fan of buying a series of books from the same publisher. They look so peaceful all lined up in order at the same height. I recently bought a set of books from Mary Fabyan Windeatt (who is an amazing author). In addition to looking forward to great books, I was happy about acquiring another matched set. Then this arrived:
Why, TAN Books, why?! What thoughtless person is in charge of determining book height?! It is a testimony to how well-written these books are that they are allowed to stay on a display shelf. ;-)

If you were simultaneously nodding and cringing in sympathy as you read this post, please check out this beautiful collection of images, The 31 Most Pleasurable Things That Have Ever Happened. You're welcome.

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  1. Oh my, I'm sharing your post-- and the brilliant "31 Things" link in #7-- with my husband, who will be completely sympathetic! :) Yes, I drive him nuts.

  2. Oh my goodness, awesome. I had noticed that on the saint books by Windeatt as well! The old format ones are all the same height, but the new ones vary. Un-excusable! Loved the 31 Things post too... ahhh...

    1. Wait, there is an old format that looks good? Hm, something to add to my Christmas list... ;-)