Monday, September 15, 2014

When Cognitive Age and Emotional Age Don't Match

First geography lesson: building a map of our town

We have been having a lot of fun doing Kindergarten! I am so thankful we have this opportunity to teach Peter where both his academic and social needs can be met. Academically, he is in the right place to begin Kindergarten. He can write most of his letters, can count to 109, knows letter sounds and text direction, easily masters patterns, and can even do some basic arithmetic. He has the attention span to listen to a story for over half an hour. 

If we were doing typical school, I would be very torn about sending him, though, because he just turned four. He wants to be with me and - even at home - retreats somewhat regularly when he is overwhelmed. I think sending him to a typical Kindergarten would be a disaster. Homeschooling gives me the chance to slowly help him build a tolerance for stress. Usually we get together with other kids weekly and have joined a monthly co-op where he will spend two hours with his peers without me. He also takes gymnastics lessons. These experiences are giving him the confidence and resilience to continue to expand his horizons. In the mean time, we'll be riding bikes.

Second geography lesson: transferring the map to the driveway
He and Anne rode all around town!

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