Monday, September 22, 2014

Lessons in Fitness

Two weeks ago, I started at 30 day fitness challenge (via Livefitmama, if you're interested). I'm having mixed results. I am completing the challenge, doing all the workouts plus a couple extra each week, so in that sense it is a success. (I'm very much a rule-follower, so if I'm told to do this set three times, that's exactly what I do!)

Obviously not me. We don't have that wallpaper.

Goals Achieved
Drinking 64 oz of water each day
Getting seven or more hours of sleep each night (mostly)
Eating four or more fruits or veggies (mostly)
Incorporating exercises into daily activities

Positive Outcomes
I have had no headaches, higher energy levels, and better mood stability. Worth it!
I have done modified core exercises and reduced the space between my abdominal muscles.*
I have seen a strong negative correlation between my energy levels and lots of sugar. (Sort of a positive outcome. Knowledge is power. I am still eating brownies, if you're curious.)

Prior to this, the only exercise I did with any regularity was running. I like running. I'm good at it. This fitness challenge, though, is whole body. I'm not good at it. I am frustrated at my lack of progress and lack of either weight or inches lost - then exasperated with myself for caring. I was never critical of my body before, so it is ridiculous to become so while I'm actually exercising daily. In truth, it's not even that I think I'm unattractive. I just am so competitive that even "losing" when there's no competitor aggravates me.

This challenge has been very good for me. I hope to use it to get me started on a regular fitness plan that will definitely include running. Even though to some extent it irks me, I think I will also continue doing the workouts I've learned these past two weeks. After all, quitters never win, right?

*If you've been pregnant before, do a search for diastasis recti and check yourself. It only takes a minute.

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