Friday, September 26, 2014

7QT (Vol. 102): Quotable Kids

More outtakes from my favorite kids! Enjoy. :-)

P, wearing a cape and holding a stick: I am St. Peter. My superpower is catching a fish every time I put my pole in the water.

P: Anne, do you want to argue about can openers?
A: Yes!
P: OK, let's go somewhere where Mommy can't hear us.

Jeremy has taught him the expression, "Fortune smiles upon you."
P: Mommy, unfortune smiles upon you because that is not what I want to do.

me: Who did John Bosco teach?
P: Kids
me: And what did he teach them?
A: Words!

P: Can you do the mermaid verse?
me: I don't know a mermaid verse. The only other one I know is a mule verse.
P: Yeah, that's what I meant.

P: Seal (his stuffed sea lion) wanted to see the big sharks, but she didn't want to have tooth marks on her so she took a boat.

me: Wow, that's cool.
P: What's cool?
me: We just got $350 from the State of New York.
P: Wow, that's a lot! Can I have five dollars of it to buy something?

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  1. Adorable! But did you give him the $5??? ;)

    1. Yes :-) It's a family tax credit, so I told him he could have part of it since he is part of our family. I also explained to him that we're saving the rest of it so that if Daddy doesn't have a job for awhile, we won't have to worry about money. He seemed to think that was a good idea. :-)

  2. Yes! Curious minds want to know. lol

    1. We did! He said he wants to save it until we go down to the beach at Lake Ontario so he can use one of his dollars to ride the carousel. :-)