Friday, August 8, 2014

7QT (Vol. 97): Good friends, surly dogs, and sleep

Every month, a few members of our Catholic moms group meet to pray together, eat tasty treats, and share stories and laughter. Tonight was that night. It is such a balm for my soul to be with like-minded moms, knowing we are going through similar things, sharing our joys and sorrows.

A couple of them commented that I'm social, despite my self-description as introverted. The thing is, socializing is stressful for me largely because I am afraid of not having anything interesting to say or making someone uncomfortable. With this group of ladies, especially when there are just a few rather than a big group, it's not stressful. Conversation just flows easily from funny stories to struggles to practical advice. I don't feel like I'm auditioning or entertaining. So with them, yes, I am social.

Do you ever call your child the wrong name? I do, even though there are only two of them. It's ok, though, because Peter also mixes up the names of his parents and grandparents, which sometimes amuses Anne.
P: Mommy, what story were you telling?
me: I wasn't telling any story; that was Daddy.
P: Right, that's what I meant. Only sometimes I forget his name.
A (triumphantly): Ha ha! Daddy!


I don't know. Jeremy and I wake every morning with our heads on our pillows and the rest of us in bed under the covers, so I assume it is not genetic. Or maybe we just outgrew it? :-)

We have ambitious plans to remove the wallpaper in the kids' rooms and repaint. Anne sort of forced our hand on this one by starting the wallpaper removal for us. Oh well, it was peeling anyway. I'm going to take the kids away from the steamer and paint fumes tomorrow and let Jeremy work in peace. He got a little bit done tonight while I was praying and socializing, thanks to our friends from church who came over to play with the kids.

We got Babe: The Gallant Pig (King-Smith) out of the library. It is excellent. Have you seen the movie? You know, the one that takes God's name in vain and has the neurotic duck, whiny grandkids, and surly male dog? (And I liked the movie!) The book has none of that. It is simply a wonderful tale. The author has a handful of other stories in our library system; I plan to check out a few in the near future.

P: Hello, doggy! (pause) Why didn't he answer?
me: Maybe he just doesn't have anything to say.
P: But he didn't even say hello. Not even one bark of dogness!

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