Friday, August 22, 2014

7QT (Vol. 99): Baptism party, our international student, and future gymnast

Happy 4th anniversary of baptism, Peter! We had a small, fun party this evening with all the grandparents, my brother with his family, and a brief visit from one of our parish priests. He was invited by red panda, who thought Peter would like to see him. We lit Peter's baptismal candle, sang a blessing song Mom and I learned from the Sisters of Mercy, and enjoyed yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Yum!

Heesu brought gifts for all of us, including this model airplane (Korean Air) for Peter. He is thrilled with it and very proud of his work assembling it. He is being very careful to keep it out of Anne's reach and would prefer it to be in his sight at all times. :-)

One of our only concerns when we signed up to host an international student was that our student would not like our kids. That is not remotely true! It brings me such joy to see Heesu being so patient with them. Tonight, she taught Seal (Peter's nickname for his sea lion - very confusing) how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano, holding Seal's flipper to play one note at a time. We are blessed.

Anne has also taken very strongly to her, lighting up whenever Heesu enters the room. I think my kids are going to be very disappointed when she is at school all day!

Anne is a climber, finding innovative ways to get what she wants. Just this week she realized she is strong enough to push her high chair around the kitchen, so no counters are safe any more. I think she will excel when she is old enough to start gymnastics. Allow me to present the following two exhibits.

 Hanging from the shark cage at the aquarium - with pointed toes.

Front support on the shelf - I think she is supporting some weight with her right toes, but still.

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