Thursday, July 24, 2014

Road Race and Birthday Party

So many great things happened this past weekend, it completely threw me off my schedule. The 5k road race and Peter's birthday party were part of a mini family reunion, which included dinner catered by Sticky Lips BBQ. In related news, if you want some leftovers, my parents still have plenty. :-) Here is yesterday's post for your viewing pleasure!

My brother finished 2nd, 17:40. He also ran a 50 mile race the week before!

Jeremy finished in 31:something, less than a minute ahead of me.

I finished in 32:43... I think I was handicapped by having to carry the car key ;-)
My very loving brother also looped back around to help me finish the race.

Peter's 1st race, completing a quarter mile

And he got a medal!

Grandma's amazing birthday cake for my construction enthusiast

Matching tongue faces

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