Monday, June 9, 2014

Personality Differences at Mass

When Peter was first able to sit alone, I could sit him next to me in the pew and mostly leave him to his own devices. He would sit quietly, turning pages on his books or watching the altar. When I was complimented on his behavior, I would say thank you, but he was born this way. Quiet, sensitive, introspective. That's my boy.

Anne, on the other hand, is outgoing and generally unafraid (except of animals and loud noises). She loves a challenge and wants to see everything. She loves playgrounds and climbing, but has a harder time sitting still in church.

12 foot high slide? No problem!

Now, when Peter was around one year old, I "Mass-weaned" him. We have never brought snacks into the sanctuary, so once I knew he was old enough that he wasn't seriously hungry, I stopped nursing him during Mass. That was my plan with Anne. And sure, at 17 months, she's quite capable of getting through without nursing. But... sometimes we both just need a few minutes of quiet without her trying to escape.

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