Saturday, May 24, 2014

7QT (Vol. 80): Slurping, Overprotected Kids, Facebook and more

All of us have a minor cold this week, so I haven't taken the kids to Mass the past couple of days. It makes the mornings seem longer. To compensate, Peter has been playing with his Mass kit (compiled from a variety of garage sales and thrift stores). My favorite part might be hearing Anne make slurping noises when he offers her the chalice.

We've been having a lot of smoothies recently. I'm not sure why we haven't done this all along. I somewhat frequently get smoothie cravings; in the past, I would go buy one. Now that I'm eating minimal dairy, though, that's harder to do. We have the blender, so it is super easy to do at home. AND we get healthy fruit pops out of it!

I went to a mom's night through our local Catholic homeschool association last night. They were very friendly and welcoming, even though their kids are quite a bit older than mine. I almost don't know myself - who is this lady who goes to strangers' houses and mingles?! ;-)

My in-laws took Peter to see Thomas the Tank Engine. He was very surprised to see Thomas chugging down the tracks! He loved the whole experience: the train, the certificate from Sir Topham Hatt, McDonald's, and having Grandma and Grandpa to himself. :-) He was absolutely exhausted when he got home. 

Speaking of my sweet boy, he recently was being very affectionate and announced he would give me four kisses. After doing so, he said in a very loving voice, "I gave you four kisses, Mommy, because I love you FOUR percent."

I read a very interesting article in The Atlantic recently about how "kids today" are over-protected, with the theory that being shielded from all danger inhibits our ability to master fear. You can read it here.

Jeremy deleted his Facebook account this week. He has always had a love-hate relationship with it and was frustrated to learn that they now use facial recognition to automatically tag photos. I'm not exactly thrilled about having my own account (as much because of poor self-control as because of Facebook's policies) but am not quite willing to make the jump right now. Do you have an account? 

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  1. I've contemplated several times getting rid of my Facebook account. Mainly I have it now to share pictures with family, but I could always do the old-fashioned and email or send snail mail! I'm torn too.

    1. Yeah, I like to see the pictures and hear stories of my cousins' kids. And use it to send messages, because then I can tell when people read it. :-)