Friday, May 2, 2014

7QT (Vol. 78): If it makes you happy

We have been a one-car family for more than two years and still have no regrets. Every now and then, it would be more convenient to have two cars, but not nearly often enough to justify the cost. Besides, I like the extra time for conversation with my husband the days we drop him off and pick him up from work.

This past week, in fact, it has been no hardship at all. I've had the car all day, every day. It seems having one's appendix removed makes one uncomfortable sitting. Hooray for being able to work remotely! We took advantage of our car time to attend a May crowning yesterday.

Even went to Target during the day!

Anyway, we have a car that comfortably seats our current family of four and allows us to carry five if I'm willing to scrunch in the back seat. Much to the amazement of some, we plan on keeping this car whenever we become a family of five (God willing). Many people think we should "upgrade" even as a family of four - definitely if we are blessed with another child.

We've been told that while a small car might work most of the time, we'll need a bigger car for camping. Absolutely true. Given the amount of camping stuff we take with us (we tent camp, but don't exactly "rough it"), I think it would be impossible to fit all of us and all our gear in the car.

We've also been told we'll need a bigger car for long trips. I'm not as convinced on this one. A bigger car would make things easier, but it's not a necessity. We could travel without a pack-n-play during a baby's first year, for example. It's nice to have, but history has shown that babies frequently end up sleeping next to me, anyway. :-)

When we've been admonished about needing a bigger car, the conversation has gone something like this:
"The few times a year we would want one, we can always rent a bigger car."
"But renting is expensive!"
"Not more expensive than what we would be losing in fuel economy the rest of the year."
"But it's so inconvenient!"
"Not really. There are rental agencies all over the place."
"Well, I just think it would be easier to own a bigger car."

And that's the heart of the matter. One small car works for us. One car, especially if it was small, in other homes would result in a lot of unhappiness. There are pros and cons for both. We just think it's easier to own a smaller car.

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  1. Has this been something people keep bringing up to you about the car? When we got the van, only 2 people joked that I was going to be a soccer mom, but other than that, no one's made any comments about our vehicle choice. Not sure what people care so much what you drive!

    1. Yeah, I've had this conversation much more often than I want. :-P I'm not sure why they care, either!