Friday, May 30, 2014

7QT (Vol. 81):17 Months and Nursing

Anne has broken Peter's record. He was five days away from being 17 months old when my period came back; she turned 17 months on Tuesday. Hooray, Anne! Keep it up!

Like her brother at this age, she nurses around the clock. She always wants to nurse when she wakes in the morning and as part of naps and bed time. She nurses every time she wakes at night, usually one to three feedings between 11pm and 7am. During the day, she stops in to reconnect when she's tired, scared, overwhelmed, or bored. Some days that might be once the whole day, other days it might be ten or more times.

The only time I can count on her nursing more than a minute, though, is settling to sleep - whether naps, bedtime, or at night. Other times, she's just checking in for a few seconds. :-)

She's also learned to multitask. Kids and their cell phones these days...

While she always nurses to go to bed, there is a major difference between her and Peter at this age. She doesn't nurse to sleep. With very few exceptions, she nurses on both sides, then sits up and wants to be put on her bed. I lay her down, say, "Goodnight, have a good sleep," and walk out of the room. Every time this happens, I'm happily surprised.

You might think I'd get used to it, but given that Peter still doesn't go down that easily, it's a source of continued wonderment. I live in fear of unwittingly upsetting her schedule and ruining this idyllic bedtime. :-) She's just happy to go to bed!

Every now and then, she does still nurse to sleep. And that - holding my sweet girl in my arms while she sleeps - is pretty wonderful, too.

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  1. What a sweet picture of you two nursing! I am currently tandem nursing my just-turned-2-year-old and almost-9-month-old. It's my first time tandem nursing. I am always grateful to have breastfeeding when my toddlers are sick or fussy or just need reassurance. They grow up so quickly, the nursing days are gone before you know it!

    1. Oh yes, nursing when they are sick is such a blessing. Peter weaned a couple months after turning two; there were definitely times (aka tantrums) when I wished he was still nursing!

  2. You're so lucky! My period always came back sometime the first year, even though I nursed exclusively. I think it might have been my age - I was 39 when my youngest was born. He nursed until he was almost two (I would have kept going longer but he self-weaned).

    1. Yeah, I don't know why it lasts so long, but I'm not complaining! :-)