Monday, April 28, 2014

Peter Says

P, rebuking his sister: Anne Virginia Arkansas California Nothing!
(That's what we get for giving her a state for a middle name.)

P, whose birthday is in July: I see you brought in the mail, because there are papers here.
me: Yes, Anne and I just brought it in.
P: Was there anything for me? Maybe a birthday card?

me: I love you so much, sweet boy.
P: I love you so-er much!

me: We can do that tomorrow.
P: Tomorrow I'm going to be too sick. But not so sick that I can't shovel!

me, to Jeremy: Peter needs a bath in the immediate future.
P: Yes, I'm very stinky for my size.

me: No, Anne, you can't have them back because you just dumped them all on the floor.
P: Actually, she just dropped them one by one.

P: Mommy, how did the soldiers nail Jesus to the cross?
me: Well, they used a hammer and put nails through his hands and feet.
P: But where did they get the nails? Were there stores there?
me: Um, probably. Not the same kind of stores we have now, but yes, someone would have sold nails.
P: Or maybe Jesus just gave them some.

P: Where did Adam come from?
me: God just made him.
P, giggling: But God isn't womans! Where would Adam even have come out of?!

P: I bet the soldiers were mad when they saw Jesus was alive again. "Hey, you were dead!" "Yes, but now I am alive because I am God so I can do anything!"

Peter's reaction upon learning that Gnarls Barkley's DJ is Danger Mouse: Is that because he's dangerous, but mouse? Ha! But how does a mouse reach the turntable? Mouses are only this little! (holds up 2 fingers close together)

She's sad because Peter found her with his grape juice and took it back.
There wasn't a lot left to drink.

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