Friday, February 14, 2014

7QT (Vol. 74): Pigtails, Romance, and Beanbags

Anne got her first pigtails today. I also dressed Peter in red and her and me in pink, being all celebratory. That's pretty much all we did to recognize the feast of St. Valentine, though.

We ended up all eating at home, since Peter wanted boxed mac-n-cheese. The original plan, though, was for my husband to take both kids to the library (which he did) and then out to dinner so I could have some peace and quiet to start packing the kitchen. That's right, a Valentine's dinner for three while I have PB&J at home. I tell ya, we take romance to new levels in this house.

We're also pretty good at knowing how to party -
Grandma: Did you do anything fun today?
Peter: Yes! We did dishes and laundry!


I read some great pick-up lines on Dave Ramsey's site today. My favorites were, "Do you have term life-insurance? Because you're drop-dead gorgeous!" and "When I first saw you, my jaw dropped like the value of a new car."

Speaking of finances, congratulations to my friend Emy of Striving for Proverbs 31 and her husband: they finished paying student loans and are debt-free aside from their mortgage! They've also managed to do this while raising two children on a single income. Way to go!

OK, this is unrelated to anything else, but too fun to keep to myself. During rest time, Peter switched his pillow for his beanbag. Why? Because Bunny was sad and that was the best way to cuddle with her. Oh, right.

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