Monday, February 24, 2014

Peter's Stories

We're down to the last week before closing on both houses! At least, that's true as far as we know. Neither closing has been confirmed yet, although we haven't heard any reason why we wouldn't close on time. Here's hoping. Anyway, it's getting a little crazy around here, which is significantly affecting our homeschooling time. We still do at least a little bit of reading, writing, and math each day, though, which brings us today's post. One of our "writing" activities is Peter narrating a story, then editing it as he sees fit while I read it back to him. This two-part story was dictated last week. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a little rabbit. And he had nothing to do until one day he found a mother. And the mother said, "Rabbit, why did you come here?" And the rabbit said, "Well, I had nothing to do and I wanted breakfast because I hadn't had it." And the bunny said, "I will get you some grass." And the rabbit said, "OK." And the mother went to the refrigerator and got some grass and put it in the microwave for its baby and the rabbit ate it. The rabbit had a good breakfast. And then, after a hard day's work, the rabbit went to bed and had a good night's sleep. The end.

This is the next day of the rabbit story. The mother said, "I was planning to go to the zoo today. Would you like to come with me?" And the rabbit said, "Sure." And then in the mist the elephant came and the rabbit was scared. And it was so scared because it was covered in scary animals in a circle all around the two rabbits. And the baby rabbit said, "Oh no!" Then the biggest horned owl, who was on top of the elephant, was very loud and it yelled so loud that the rabbit had to plug its ears so that it wouldn't hear the owl. And that's the end of the zoo trip. And then after a hard day seeing the animals, the rabbit went to sleep and had good night dreams through the night. The end.


  1. I didn't know that rabbits microwaved their grass. I am impressed by all the animals Peter knows.