Friday, February 28, 2014

7QT (Vol. 76): Moving continues and a diaper trick!

On Monday, I was lugging plywood and 2x4s and rotted picnic benches out to the curb (because apparently new house occupants do not appreciate a good supply of "scrap wood"). The insurance guy came to take pictures of the outside of our house (maybe for the buyers? since this company won't be insuring us soon...) and commented, "Moving is a never-ending job."

On Tuesday, I went to book study in the morning and confessed that I had not completed this week's challenge, writing a list of all the wonderful attributes of my husband. It's not that I have any lack of material! They were very gracious. "Oh, you have every excuse. This week has been crazy for you."

We're trying to keep our grocery buying to a minimum to reduce the amount of food we have to move to the new house. Dinner on Tuesday night went something like this:

Peter: Thank you for the pizza; I would like some more.
me: OK. *hands him what is left of my piece*
Peter: I would like another whole big piece. Please.
me: Well, this is the last of the pizza. It's just the left-overs.
Peter: Well, can I have corn chips?
me: Yes. *hands him container of about 6 corn chips, which he finishes*
Peter: Can I have some more corn chips?
me: You just finished them. That's all that was left.
Peter, wobbly voice: Can I have another doughnut from Grandpa?
me: I'm so sorry honey, but you and Anne finished them at lunch.
Peter, in tears: We need to go to Wegmans and buy MORE doughnuts! We neeeeed to!

Poor little guy. My husband saved the day by offering to go to Dairy Queen as the fun activity for him and the kids while I was at youth group. Evening saved.

On Wednesday, we moved in with my parents. Mom watched Anne in the evening while Peter helped Jeremy and me pack more at our house. We wanted to be out of our house so we could more easily pack and clean without our cherubs undoing everything. At that point, we still thought we might be closing on Saturday.

On Thursday, we learned that we won't be closing until some time next week. We did no packing or cleaning, just got the kiddos to sleep and got to bed ourselves at a somewhat reasonable hour. Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated. Especially when it is 10 degrees outside.

Tonight we got both kids to bed then drove back to our house and worked for more than an hour. The upstairs is *almost* completely empty! Believe it or not, we work more quickly without a three year-old assistant, even a very adorable one.

Unrelated to moving at all: Anne had a horribly messy diaper today (while we were out, of course). When we got home, I forgot to bring in the diaper bag. Tonight when I finally remembered, I had a (relatively) pleasant surprise. After freezing in the car, the diaper was significantly less smelly AND the poop was solid enough to get it off into the toilet more easily! (I know "and" isn't strong enough to hold together two independent clauses. I thought maybe it would be if I capitalized it.)

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