Friday, February 7, 2014

7QT (Vol. 73): Week in Review

On Saturday, we looked at two houses in the area and price range we want. We were thrilled with one of them and got the ball rolling on an offer with our agent. It has four bedrooms and is only a couple blocks from church. One of the bedrooms was an add-on over the garage, so is quite spacious. As I mentioned to my sister-in-law, we're having "who knows how many kids", so it's nice to have room to expand.

Frequently in Sunday school, Peter or A. (another boy in class) will quietly say the right answer to a question I ask, then other children will echo it loudly to get the "credit" for a right answer. This past Sunday, I was reviewing what we had learned. "So, today we talked about St. Peter. You already told me he was a fisherman. What else do we know about him? (pause) We learned a new word, for a special friend of Jesus. It starts with an 'a'..." At this point, Peter murmurs to himself, "Aboogalah." The girl next to him shouts, "Aboogalah!" A. gives them both a look that clearly says, "That doesn't sound even remotely familiar."

Monday nights are often when my husband and I go running. This week, though, we went to a chili supper at my parents' church and had lots of cookies and brownies. It's pretty much the same thing, right?

Since our youth group did a big service project this weekend, we didn't meet on Tuesday. Instead, I went with my husband and the kids to the library. While we were there, Anne tripped and hit her lip with a toy, making it bleed. I was nervous that the librarian would want us to leave (since Anne could potentially get bodily fluids on a toy), so I was trying to be hyper-vigilant to put her at ease. She also seemed to be trying to put me at ease, which was very kind. It crossed my mind later that maybe she was concerned about me lodging a complaint, but it's certainly not her fault my toddler lost her balance!


We took our kids to Adoration, which we try to do every Thursday. As usual, we made it about five minutes before they got antsy. Still, even that five minutes brought me peace and perspective. It's good to love the King.

We found out that the buyers for our house only have a few minor issues from the property inspection, so we should be able to fix them cheaply and easily. We met with our agent tonight and put in a bid on the house we want. Here's hoping! We also started packing in earnest while my parents played with the kids. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

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  1. I can relate to the lamentations about winter. I'm so over it! I keep wondering why I choose to live in a state with such a cold environment. Haha.

    Best of luck in your house hunt! Hope all goes well.

    1. I don't mind it so much when I'm not fighting to keep the car on the road. :-P Oh well, this week looks like it will be wonderful!