Friday, January 10, 2014

7QT (Vol. 69): The Consequence of Travel

We have had a busy Christmas season, creating many memories with family and friends. We were back and forth between the Syracuse area and home; thankfully, both of our children travel happily and adjust fairly well to sleeping in a new place.

Before our first journey to Jeremy's family, we picked up his sister from the airport and grabbed dinner at Chipotle. She brought along the luggage needed for more than a week home and borrowed Jeremy's guitar, so my parents generously agreed to the use of their minivan... while reminding us how great minivans are. :-)

We were back home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when we did a gift exchange with my family. By far the most surprising gift was inside a rather large box. Turns out it was a full case of Honey Nut Cheerios! My brother doesn't do things by halves. :-)

We went back out to be with Jeremy's family the following day to continue exchanging gifts. By this point, Anne had quite gotten the hang of tearing paper. :-)

Anne's birthday was that Friday. More gifts! We came back home on Saturday to have a brief rest at home before Jeremy returned to work on Monday.

But the celebrations were not done! Anne's godmother and her husband came out and spent New Years Eve and Day with us.

All of this was wonderful, but possibly led to this:
Sick and sleepy 

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