Monday, January 6, 2014

Socializing: Can we do it? Yes we can!

Last week, I joined a Catholic moms group as a first step toward finding the type of faith community I want. I reasoned that there are lots of moms groups available, so if a mom chose to join a Catholic group, she probably values her faith. Today, one mom hosted an Epiphany party at her home. Including my two, there were six kids; everyone had a good time and enjoyed a faith-filled celebration of this holy day.

It was exhausting.

All weekend I've been nervous about this gathering. What if they're all friends already and just politely tolerate me? What if I don't like them? What if no one else is good at making conversation, either, and the event just drags? What if it's not particularly Catholic? What if I do something stupid?

I told Peter our plans this morning. He was not excited. I'm not sure if he picked up on my unease or if he's just as introverted as I am.
"We could just keep our hummus at home, Mommy." 
"But we're going to take it with us when we go meet new friends." 
"Are Grams and Papa going to go with us?" 
"No, Papa is at work and Grams is probably still asleep." 
"Maybe we could just go visit them later."

Anyway, despite our misgivings, all of us had a wonderful time. We played, conversed, ate, and prayed together, forming the beginnings of friendship. Peter made a crown and devoured the Goldfish crackers available as a snack. I found three other moms whom I'd like to see again.

When we got home, all of us slept until it was time to get Jeremy from work. Socializing really takes it out of us. But we did it! And next time it will be less intimidating. And maybe some day soon I'll be able to casually say, "Yeah, I was out with some friends the other day..."


  1. What a great way to begin 2014. Enjoy being with other Mom's. Love, Aunt Monica

  2. One day, I realized that if I wanted friends, I had to stick out my hand and say "Hi, I'm Marge". Keep at it Liana- you're on the right path. BTW, I hope there were only 3 other Moms at this gathering, as you said you met 3 you'd like to be with again. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, only 3 other moms. :-)

  3. I'm quite introverted and shy but we move a lot, so I've had to learn (from my extroverted but shy husband) to just keep going until the social situations stop feeling awkward and just start being normal. And then suddenly I realise that I have new friends, and eventually I learn that they actually really do like me and aren't just putting up with me, and it's a wonderful feeling. That said, I stopped taking the kids to the one local playgroup I found because there just weren't any real connections going on! It's so neat that you've got a Catholic one to take them to.

    1. Yeah, it's worth it in the end. :-) And I'm definitely excited about this one being Catholic! Nice to know from the start we have something in common beyond children and location.