Friday, January 17, 2014

7QT (Vol. 70): Faith, parenting, and chocolate

If you have Catholic friends who breastfeed and you've been on social media of any kind, you probably know that Pope Francis recently told some moms to feel free to nurse in Mass. I think it's great that he gave his stamp of approval. Maybe he is familiar with Joel 2, which specifically calls "infants at the breast" to be part of the assembly. :-) (Fun fact: That passage is read on Ash Wednesday!)

Anyway, an Orthodox friend of mine passed along that news story, along with this excellent article on images of Mary nursing Jesus. Go read it - good theology, many beautiful icons.

Speaking of things you should read, I recently came across an article by Guggie Daly, "Catholics and Circumcision...Do you know your faith?" When I was pregnant with Peter, I asked Jeremy to decide whether or not to circumcise, if the baby was a boy. He decided against it, as he couldn't find any medical reason that would justify injuring a baby that way. After the fact, I read more about it and am extremely grateful Jeremy chose as he did. But neither of us thought of it from a faith perspective. This is a really good piece.

A friend of mine had her first baby earlier this month. Over the summer, when she told me she was expecting a boy, I casually asked, "Have you thought about whether to circumcise or not?" "No! Wait, people do that? I mean, for non-religious reasons?!" Interesting that we grew up a couple miles apart but I thought everyone circumcised while she thought no one did!

On a totally different note, both my kids have been sick for about two weeks. Their appetite and energy levels seemed fine, so I wasn't concerned. But then Peter told me that everything sounded wobbly, so I brought them in today. They each have an ear infection - first for each of them. So, "the pink stuff" for both of them. On the plus side, we caught it fairly early, before any pain. And they like the medicine. After receiving his first dose this evening, Peter said, "I think I might need more, Mommy."

While I'm counting my blessings, allow me to add the brownies with chocolate chips that I just made. Go ahead, just imagine all that chocolaty goodness. Mmm. You can come visit if you'd like some, but I recommend being here before, oh, Monday, or I will certainly have eaten all of them.

I'm also thankful for my parents who babysit, feed us, lend their vehicle, wash our dishes and clean our house. That was all just today. Thanks, Mom and Dad! (Also, we had our first post-holiday house showing today, three more scheduled for Sunday. Say a prayer for a successful sale, will you?)


  1. How did your house-showings go? Do you have a place yet to go or are you still waiting to sell first? Hoping something comes up soon for you guys!

    1. We're currently negotiating an offer! The price is fine, but we countered to take out some of the restrictions they'd included. We're looking a bit in Fairport, but probably will complete the sale before we find something - so move in with my parents for a couple months until we buy.