Monday, January 27, 2014

Advice for Moving with Young Children

I asked my friends and family for support and advice last week. They came through for me in a big way. I received excellent, practical advice and spiritual guidance. I am just as appreciative of the support as the advice. Knowing my friends and family would take the time to respond bolstered my spirit. Friends asked how they could pray for me. Those who have been in this situation gave specific, concrete suggestions I can use. A complete stranger even took the time to share her wisdom. I am incredibly grateful to each of them.

For those who don't have access to my personal Facebook page, I want to share the advice I've been given:

Purchase small boxes from storage facility (usually around .59 ea.) and begin packing items you will not need for a spell into those. If the boxes are not real large, they are easier to handle and whenf they are all the same size ... easy to stack up. Purchase one or two shelving units at Home Depot for the storage facility. You will use the vertical space more efficiently. Sometimes liquor stores will give you boxes if you take them away at their convenience.

Anything that you haven't used in a month can safely go in a box. Label each box with contents & what room it came from, that way unpacking will be a lot easier.
Moves are often stressful, but open the door to new opportunities. Try to enjoy the path you are on. 
Take your time, pack a little at a time, and before you know it, it is done! 
It is easy to become mired in your own situation if that is all you are concentrating on and really get a good pity/stress party going. God wants his people to be focused on Him and what He wants us to do and it seems to me that what he wants done in a day and what I want to accomplish that same day don't often match up. My prayer that I now start my day with and will pray for you is "God please give me the focus energy and strength to accomplish what you want me to accomplish today." Finally, make everything a game with the kids: packing, taping, drawing on the boxes with crayons

For a couple more good ideas, check the comments on Friday's post. THANK YOU, everyone!

Remember the challenge of keeping the house clean?
Anne very helpfully put the toilet paper directly in the trash.

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