Monday, December 16, 2013

I parent better than my husband.

I had an epiphany yesterday, one that was far too long in coming. I shared it with my husband and apologized for having been ridiculous these past three years. I realized that I parent better than he does.

It's not that I'm a better parent. He is a fantastic dad. It's that I am more skilled at the actions involved in parenting. Getting children dressed and fed, keeping them out of trouble and happy, completing chores without ignoring them - those types of things.

On occasion, I've gotten frustrated with my husband for not being able to do what I do. How hard is it to have both kids fed and dressed by the time I'm done showering and getting dressed? After all, I do the same almost every Sunday for church. Note my complaint: not that he isn't doing it (he is), but that he's not doing it as efficiently as I do.

Now think about applying that standard to something else. It would be unreasonable to expect equal performance from two people if one puts in at least twice as much time doing it. No one would want me to get up and play drums with worship team on Sunday. I mean, I can keep a beat (usually) and I know the songs, but Jeremy is much better at playing drums (and most other instruments). It's unreasonable to expect equal performance from us.

In addition to being a great dad, he's also a great husband. When I apologized, he simply said, "I forgive you." No blame, no gloating, not even "it's about time." I am well and truly blessed.

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