Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Photo

Photo from JCPenney, all rights belong to me

We did it! After more than a week of hovering around Anne, we were able to get a family picture taken tonight in which she had NO bruises on her face! No smile, either, but beggars can't be choosers. We had a variety of poses, of course, but not one where both kids were smiling. Peter has chapped lips currently, so in many of the pictures he is licking his lips. Good memory shots, though!

Anne's one year portraits are scheduled for Wednesday. Here's hoping we can make it two more days unscathed. :-)


  1. I can so relate! We laugh that one of our kids always has some sort of very noticeable bruise or cut just in time for family picture moments. Glad to know it's not just us. We have also not yet been able to get a photo where all four of us look good. A friend is supposed to help us out with that tomorrow, but it might rain, which makes the whole park picture thing a bit challenging. Oh well...

    1. Memories. :-) My aunt commented that her older son cut his own bangs just before a family portrait once. In contrast, a bruise here or there doesn't seem so bad! How did the park portraits go?