Monday, November 4, 2013

My First Date

My first boyfriend and I became a couple when I was sixteen. It was a storybook start to my high school romance, but it wasn't my first date. That had happened about ten years earlier.

I have two brothers. The older one, Shane, is more than seven years older than I, so we were spared most of the squabbling that happens between siblings. (Keith and I, not so much!) Being that much older, he was occasionally assigned babysitting duty. I have a lot of great memories from him babysitting, including my first date.

For whatever reason, it was just the two of us. Mom and Dad went out to an event; I think Keith may have had a sleepover. I was frustrated and upset that I didn't have anything special to do when "everyone else" had something fun. (In retrospect, I'm sure babysitting me didn't make Shane's top ten list of fun things...) After listening to me whine for a bit, Shane suggested he take me out for a date.

I'm not certain of our ages, but Shane was still too young to drive. He decided we would go to a local ice cream shop - a mere mile and a half away. On the way there, the excitement of my first date kept me going. I was out with my big brother! I was having a date! He was going to buy me ICE CREAM and I didn't even have to ask for permission! It was super-exciting.

By the time we had to walk home, though, even the sugar rush couldn't keep me going. I was somewhere between six and eight years old. It was getting late. I was tired. No problem. My big brother picked me up and carried me all the way home.

I've had some wonderful dates since then. But nothing beats a first date.

Happy Birthday (in 2 days), Shane!

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