Friday, November 15, 2013

7QT (Vol. 63): Bruises, Rhymes, and Other Lessons

Anne is an independent baby. She took her first steps last weekend, making our lives that much more exciting. She is fearless and determined, which will eventually serve her well, but currently results in a lot of bumps and bruises. I have high hopes of having both a family Christmas portrait and her one year old portrait done within the next month. I am waiting for her face to be free of bruises before scheduling either sitting, though. It might be awhile.

Peter loves rhyming. I've capitalized on this to practice reading with him, writing and illustrating a group of rhyming words for him to read. Once he sounds out one of them, the rest are easy. He gets such a kick out of being able to read to me!

Since some rhyming words don't have the same spelled ending (i.e. fly and pie), sometimes I just draw pictures and have him sound out only one word. Recently, I decided to do this and make the word an unknown one. Here's the picture:

His answer suggests I need to improve my art ability. "M. Mmm... magnificent tree frog."

Anne is starting to make meaningful noises. While visiting her grandparents last weekend, she was quite enthusiastic about grapes and began to say, "Ray ray!" when we put her in her high chair. She also makes a "bwuh" sound when she wants the crust from my husband's sandwich, which we think means bread. Yesterday morning, Peter came in and whispered, "Mommy, will you get up so we can have breakmast?" (I have no idea why the f becomes an m in that word.) Anne immediately came fully awake and said, "Ray ray! Bwuh!" Her small stature is certainly not due to lack of appetite!

I have not been nearly as conscientious with my second child about teaching sign language. The only ones I've really used have been nurse, more, food, all done, please, and apple. Despite my laziness, she has managed to pick up the sign apple, which we use for applesauce. Or at least a sign that I know means apple. She opens and closes her fist near her mouth. Close enough. :-)

Actual sign

Peter is thrilled about his gymnastics class through the town recreation department. He has learned the terminology for quite a few stunts, although his ability to perform them is a bit more limited. He is having fun and learning something new every week. Plus he looks adorable in his gym clothes, which in itself might justify the cost.

I almost never watch videos online, preferring to read the information. But some things just cannot be done justice with a still photo or text. If you want to watch my budding musician, turn down your speakers first!

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  1. Impressed you have a budding reader! E is really into her letters and knowing how to spell certain words.

    1. Good for her! It's so fun to watch them "get" something.