Friday, November 22, 2013

Bedtime is Forever

Peter's bedtime routine can easily take an hour. I brush his teeth, then Daddy takes over. He helps Peter use the toilet, take a bath or shower, and get into his night diaper and pajamas. Together, they read a story, then call me (and Anne if she's awake) up to pray with them. Jeremy takes Anne downstairs while I lie down with Peter. We sing three songs, pray the introductory prayers, one decade, and closing prayers of the Rosary, then sing two more lullabies. Then Jeremy comes back up to cuddle for awhile, sometimes taking Peter downstairs again to the rocking chair for a few minutes.

Does it seem to take forever some nights? Definitely, especially if we have company. On nights he's tired, Jeremy has fallen asleep up there. But we don't have any plans to change.

Peter, like most little children, loves routine. Why mess with success? I know he is capable of calmly going to bed with a much shorter routine, which is what I use when Jeremy isn't around for bedtime. Since Peter is happy this way, though, I can't think of a compelling reason to change it just to allow me more time on Facebook.

Also, we're making memories. At the end of his day, Peter is guaranteed some individual attention from each parent. He is enjoying reading with his Daddy. He is sharing quiet prayer with his Mommy. He is learning songs I love. We keep this routine believing he will treasure these memories throughout his life. Bedtime is forever.

Peter, age 2 months

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