Friday, October 25, 2013

7veryQT (Vol. 60): Things I Will Enjoy Some Day

1. Using toilet paper that has not already been unrolled at least once.
2. Eating ice cream and drinking cow's milk and putting sour cream on things.
3. Having my children use the toilet independently without a running commentary to me.
4. Sleeping through the night.
5. Using the toilet without an audience or a child crying because he can't come in with me.
6. Sleeping late on weekends.
7. Having a life where my thoughts are not consumed by toileting issues and sleep.

And then I will look back at this time and say, "Remember how great it was when the kids were little?"

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  1. Ohhhh... potty training. Our oldest is finally 100% potty trained - even at night but we still get... Mama I need help getting on the potty or I need a wipey {really? please just use the stool that is at your disposal}. Plus the added benefit of the 8:17 pm door crack, tiptoeing down the hall... Mama I need to go potty {for the third time in 45 minutes just because I want an excuse to get out of bed}. And #2 will be starting this whole process in about 3 months-ish. Totally looking forward to it...hmmmm... NOT : )