Friday, October 4, 2013

7QT (Vol. 58): Texas, Florida, and other good times

Last night, Anne had a party. Jeremy and I were invited, I think, but decided 2AM to 3AM just wasn't our favorite time to crawl around bed. Today, neither child took an afternoon nap. (We did have cookies for dessert and a visit from my parents, celebrating Dad's birthday and the feast of St. Francis, so there were good parts.) I am rather exhausted, so forgive me for having Peter write my post again, will you?

What we should be doing now

"Peter, is this a whoa road? Whoa!"
"You're right, Grams! This road is so impressive that it loved my whiskers off!"
(From The Velveteen Rabbit, in which the boy loves his bunny so much he loves off the whiskers. I think Peter thinks that's an expression.)

We're saying bedtime prayers lying on his bed, facing each other. He squirms, then says, "I need to move my head on the pillow, Mommy. Air comes out of your mouth when you say the Hail Mary."

Looking at his place mat, "I think this gray at the bottom is the parking lot for Texas!"

So, my mother-in-law is a Disney enthusiast...
"Where is Florida, Mommy?"
"Right there."
"Oh! That's where Grandma and Grandpa and their mice live!"

"Thanks for the kiss, Chinky." (a stuffed horse from Chincoteague)
"Mommy, Chinky gave Daddy a high five with his mouth because he doesn't have any hands."

People visiting the house would say, "What is this boy who does not look good?" and you and Daddy would say, "It is Peter, but he stretched out his shirt." And they would say, "But we want him to look nice!" and you and Daddy would say, "Sorry!" And they would say goodbye and you would say goodbye.

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