Friday, September 13, 2013

7QT (Vol. 55): Peter's Camping Memories, Verbatim

One time when I was on a campout with Daddy and Mommy and Anne and Grams and Papa, there was a thunderstorm and we all decided to move to the car. So we did. When the thunderstorm was all done, we moved back to the tent. Then we sleeped all through the night and it was just raining. In the shadow trees, Grams heard drip drip drip of raindrops splatter in her tent. When it was done, we got out of our tents and had breakfast. The end.

One time, we went to the bathroom with Grams and Papa because I needed to use the toilet before bedtime, so we did. And Grams and Papa came, and we all walked down to the bathroom. And I used it. And then we came back out from the bathroom and looked at the stars and then we came back to the campout.

So when we went on the mountain with Uncle Keith and Aunt Jen and Daddy and Mommy and Anne and Papa, we goed over a hill and we walked 50 hundred miles and then we goed back to the campsite because both of our children were getting sleepy. So we went back and put Anne to sleep for quiet time and she was too noisy for quiet time and so we got her back out of the crib and I did NOT like quiet time and so I cried and cried. And then when quiet time was done I got out of the tent and we all did lots of things. The end.

One time we went to look at the broken sign after the boat ride with Papa and Daddy and Peter. So we did. And then we went back to the campsite and Mommy and Peter and Anne and Daddy all went to have lunch with Grandma Virginia.

One time when we were at the campfire I had an unroasted marshmallow and I liked it very much. And I liked singing songs I knowed with Grams and Papa and watching the fire flames get big and small.

One time when we were at the campout, we went down to the lake. And Mommy and Peter and Anne with our swimsuits on and Peter walked and made ripples in the water and then we decided to go back up to the campout. And so we did. The end.

One time I went down to the beach with Uncle Keith and Uncle Shane and Amy and V. and A. And I scooped some water with some buckets that were down there and put it in a little pond that was outside the lake. And I went back up to the campout. The end.

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  1. Camping with kids?!?!?! Y'all are B-R-A-V-E!!!

    1. Haha, thanks! I don't know if we would be brave enough to try it without grandparents. :-)

  2. Brilliant. And written like some scripture! ("and it was done" / "and so we did") :-)

  3. (spoken > know what I mean)

  4. 50 hundred miles is more than I could do! Good job!