Friday, September 20, 2013

7QT (Vol. 56): Peter Says, Catholic Edition

There are some big changes in my role as a catechist this year. For the past four years, I've taught third grade. For the past two years, I've had a fantastic teacher's aide. At the end of last school year, I was eagerly anticipating another year of the same. Then plans changed. I told our program coordinator I couldn't commit to a full year, so she found another teacher. My teacher's aide is not returning to the program this year (for reasons unknown to me).

I asked to be kept on the sub list and was instead presented with the opportunity to teach the preschool/kindergarten class until another teacher could be found. So, that's the class I have this year until/unless we move. I have a new teacher's aide. And Peter is going to be in my class! Perhaps with a whole class, I'll be able to share quotes from other adorable children, too. Now on to what you all actually want to read:

Looking at the stained glass windows with Grams, who says, "That's Mary Magdalene. She did things wrong, but when she was sorry, Jesus forgave her."
"What did she do wrong?"
"I don't know, exactly. And over here is Martin of Tours. I don't know much about him. We can look up his story on the computer when we get home."
"Yeah. And find out what Mary Magdalene did wrong."

One of his prayer books says to give thanks for the little things, like birds and flowers, and the big things, too, that God has done for you. "Like elephants and dinosaurs! They're big!"

"Do you want to wear a church shirt or keep your dinosaur shirt?"
"I want my dinosaur shirt, but tuck it into my church pants. Because we are going to Adoration and that is how we show respect to God."

(bedtime prayers) "To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve -"
"Mommy, why did you say of Eve?"
"Because the Bible says Adam and Eve were the first people. We're the children of Eve because, like Eve, we sometimes choose to do what is wrong. God forgives us when we're sorry, though."
"No, Mommy, it's children of Veve, not Eve."
Lessons learned: I need to enunciate more clearly and never assume I know the intent of a question.

OK, this one is unrelated, but too cute. I know at some point I should correct him...
"Mommy, I think Anne is tired. You should give her some rest-milk so she can rest."

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