Saturday, August 3, 2013

7QT (Vol. 50): The End is Here

The end is here! We got the house clean and the big projects done. Today our real estate agent came over, took pictures, and put a sign in our front yard. We're on the market!

This evening, we went over to my parents' house to eat their leftover pizza and avoid making dirty dishes. Got to enjoy this cleanliness while it lasts. :-)

I'm pleased with my problem solving for this transition. We moved a lot of Peter's toys to a corner of the basement, so he can still access them while leaving the main floor open and spacious. I also emptied the blanket chest, which stores a surprising amount of toys!

Some of the other relocations are less reasonable... the kiddie bathtub is in a closet, along with the kiddie toilet seat. The tissues are in with the coffee. When it's in the house, Anne's car seat is in with the summer hats.


Speaking of Anne, she's been constipated recently as she's transitioning to solid foods. We gave her prune juice last night and today. She generally refuses to drink from a bottle and makes a mess still with a sippy cup, so we had to get creative. She loves her gas drops, so I just cleaned out a bottle and used the medicine dropper. Success!

It is well past time to get to sleep. I'm looking forward to a full day tomorrow with no manual labor. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Prune juice works and has worked for my girls. They also like plum juice which has similar effects (I think) without the thickness of the prune juice. I usually mix it with water too because it can be super sweet!

    1. Yeah, she's been much happier since we introduced it. Therefore, so have we. :-)

  2. Good luck with the move; it is such a pain keeping a show-worthy house with young kids