Friday, August 9, 2013

7QT (Vol. 51): Going to the Beach

My laptop is plotting against me. I have a refurbished acer netbook, which is not exactly stellar. One of its favorite tricks is spontaneously deciding it has no battery power (even when near 100%) and hibernating without warning. Which it did tonight. As I was powering up again, I noticed acer's slogan: Empowering People. Ha.

Anyway, we were on vacation this week with my brother, sister-in-law, and her parents. It was a great, relaxing trip in Pawley's Island, south of Myrtle Beach, an early celebration of our 5th anniversary. The weather was cooperative and both kids had a lot of fun. Anne didn't really go to the beach much, since all she wanted to do was eat the sand, but Peter did.

The first evening, we were all out on the second story deck together. Someone asked Peter if he wanted to walk down to the beach. "Yes!" (looks around concerned) "But, um, there are no stairs here so I guess we won't."

He wasn't crazy about the ocean after the first time it splashed him in the face, but he loved digging on the shore with his uncle. Together, they dug a hole more than 3 feet deep! It was neat to go by at high tide and see what was left of it.

We stayed at the Litchfield, which is an excellent resort. If renting a condo, as we did, you get very good rates. Since you're living in someone else's home, though, you're never sure what the room set-up will be. Our room had two sets of bunk beds, which Peter loved. Anne woke us the first night/morning at 5:20AM wanting to nurse. Peter called drowsily from his bed, "It's OK, Anne. We have bunk beds!"

The humor of spending our anniversary trip in bunk beds has not escaped me.

I'd hoped my brother would have pictures posted already that I could steal, but alas! Come back Wednesday for pictures of my adorable children in all their vacation glory. :-)

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  1. Oh how fun, the beach. We are land locked so my children have never the ocean. Our goal is to pay off our house in the next couple of years and treat ourselves to a family vacation at the beach.

    1. That's an excellent goal! Best wishes as your practice self-control to have more freedom in the future.