Friday, July 26, 2013

7QT (Vol. 49): Moving Preparation and Trees

Our garbage disposal hasn't worked in over two years. The motor would turn on, but nothing would spin. I had reached around down there, found nothing. My dad checked it at one point, also found nothing. So we just stopped using it. Now that we're moving, though, we figured we ought to fix it.

We went to ReStore (second-hand building materials and the like, to benefit Habitat for Humanity) and picked up another disposal for $25. My uncle is in town to help us get the house ready, so my husband asked him last night if he knew anything about disposals. Uncle Rich decided to take a look first, make sure it was worth replacing.

There was a baby spoon jamming it. What an inexpensive repair!

I climbed a tree for the first time since Peter was born, I'd guess. There was a rope on one of the branches that I wanted to get down. After shimmying up there, I realized it was out too far for me to grab, so I needed the step ladder anyway. I don't count this as a total waste of time, though. For one, tree climbing is great exercise. Secondly, it sparked Peter's interest in climbing trees!



We've explained to Peter that many many days from now, new people will buy our house and live in it; we'll go live in a new house. He seems to have accepted that and is interested in the process. Last night, he asked, "Mommy, when the new people live in this house, will they have Anne or will they bring their own baby?" :-)

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  1. Love number 7! We moved when E was 20 months and she would ask if we'd be bringing the doors or the lights or her toys. Not really concerned one way or the other, just generally curious. Happy moving!