Monday, July 15, 2013


One of the gifts I most desire to cultivate is hospitality. God has blessed me beyond any reasonable expectation, a full measure shaken down and overflowing. Sharing those gifts with others in exchange for conversation and cheerful company brings me joy.

This surprises my husband, who knows how strongly introverted I am, how much I crave solitude in my daily life. As I've written before, though, I do like socializing, just in small amounts. Being a hostess gives me time to connect with individuals rather than swirling in the chaos of a party. Welcoming others into my home also means I can easily step out of the social scene as needed to prepare and provide food and drinks.

I try to structure my home so that people feel welcome. I have toys easily accessible for visiting children, books for people of all ages, and board and party games (largely courtesy of my husband) for larger groups. We spent the money on dining room chairs that are comfortable to encourage people to linger over their meals. I try to always have coffee, tea, real lemonade, and some type of snack in the house. We keep a nice set of towels, extra pillows, and assorted toiletries for overnight guests.

Peter got his own double bed at the hotel on our recent vacation!

Today is my husband's birthday, so we had some friends and family over to celebrate. I am quite content, having provided an enjoyable party for my extroverted husband, a playmate for my son (thanks, Mom!), and refreshments and a warm welcome to our guests. Hospitality may not be listed as an official gift of the Spirit, but I think it must be an expression of the love and welcome God always extends to us. I pray that I might always extend that welcome to family, friends, and strangers.


  1. Happy birthday to Jeremy and many more. mb

    1. I'll pass your warm wishes along to him!