Friday, June 28, 2013

7QT (Vol. 46): Why We're Moving to Wisconsin

The past couple weeks of discernment have led us to believe that God approves of our venture to sell the house, find a job for Jeremy, and move. Since we got married, we've talked on and off about leaving New York State; now, all signs seem to point to go. All the rest of these reasons would be pointless if we didn't believe God was calling us away from NY.

We are burning out in New York. The cynicism and pessimism here are draining us, despite our best efforts to stay positive. We've been outright ridiculed for being positive in some situations. Anecdotal, personal, and scientific evidence suggests there are, indeed, happier places. Not that everyone in those places are happier, but that location does play a role in outlook on life. Are we guaranteed to be happier outside of NY? Of course not. But we think we have a better chance.

Wisconsin has awesome homeschooling laws. Basically, I'll fill out a form each school year agreeing to provide 875 hours of instruction, which will include but not be limited to science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, reading and health. I tell them how I'll teach it. That's it. There are no required tests or evaluations of any kind.

I have family around Milwaukee. With kids. We look forward to getting together occasionally and giving our kids the chance to play with "cousins". Knowing people out there will also make it easier to get the answers to important questions like which supermarkets and restaurants to choose. :-)

Milwaukee has a stronger German presence than Rochester. We might send the kids to German classes on Saturdays at the German immersion school. There are tons of resources in the public library system. Again, we realize that proximity to resources doesn't make one fluent, but it's a nice perk of the area.

There are a handful of vibrant Catholic young adult groups. One in particular meets throughout the week with both spiritual and social activities. They even play board games every Friday night, which is a huge draw for my husband! There are groups in Rochester that are trying to be vibrant, but haven't made it yet. By leaving, we know we're contributing to the problem, but staying is wearing us down.

It's worth mentioning again that our primary reason is God. We believe this will be better for our marriage and therefore for our children. That's not to say it will be easy. Telling our parents was among the most emotionally wrenching experiences we've had. We know moving across the country is a huge decision and realize that it will be very difficult. But our desire to follow God trumps everything else. Pray for us, will you?


  1. Wow! Big decisions! When my husband and I were first engaged, I lived in Chicago and he lived in Alabama. We had to choose where to live, and for a variety of reasons, we chose Atlanta. We have been here for 19 years and love it. Praying and discerning about something like this is the most important thing, and if you hear God calling you to Wisconsin, you need to do it. Best of luck and I'll be anxious to read all your posts about your new adventure!

  2. Just read this! Fully support you guys. New York State is not the same place we grew up's just not. I think it will be a great adventure.

    Now the question is...will you get more or less snow?! :)

    1. Thanks! And... I think less, but snow doesn't bother me, so either way is fine. (Says she whose husband clears the driveway in the winter...) :-)