Friday, June 7, 2013

7QT (Vol. 43): Today, motherhood is...

Washing the dishes, but not sweeping the kitchen floor yet because the toddler will be eating corn chips later.

Going outside after the rain and flicking all the little slugs off the steps because the toddler finds them a bit unnerving.

Having two full hours of free time while both children nap - making chili, spiritual reading, washing dishes, hanging laundry, shopping online - all with both hands and no audience.

Belatedly celebrating the feast of St. Boniface by baking a German apple pancake (dairy-free!) because my husband was sick on the actual feast.

Eating 3/4 of the pancake because no one else was as excited as I about how AMAZING it tasted.

Staying in a damp shirt and pants because most of the spit-up wiped off and it's almost bedtime anyway.

Enjoying my kids and loving them every moment.

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