Friday, June 21, 2013

7QT (Vol. 45): Rubric for Finding Mr. Right

When I was in college, the women were encouraged as part of a Bible study to make a list describing our ideas of a perfect husband. I thought it was a bit odd, but made my list, including spiritual, personality, and physical traits. The second part of the activity was meant to show us how much more important the spiritual characteristics were compared to the personality traits and how the physical traits had virtually no value.

I'm not sure where my list is now, if I even still have it, but I am certain it wouldn't be an accurate description of my husband, other than in broadest terms (Christian, kind, etc.). The thing is, we don't really know who we want until we find them! Neither Jeremy or I would have picked the other from a dating profile, but God brought us together anyway, recognizing the ways in which we complement each other.

I can definitely sympathize with the desire to use a rubric to find God's will, though. If we can just quantify what we think we need, then surely we will know immediately when our goal has been met and not have to walk the uncertain path of discernment. I was just telling my mom today that I don't have a problem accepting God's will, I just want to know exactly what it is and when it will happen. Perhaps the virtue of patience needs more time to grow in me. Anyway, if you're looking for a list of green lights, a master plan to recognize Mr. Right, allow me to present the following as characteristics that are crucial for a successful relationship:

The right man will make two batches of fudge because he knows you'll be disappointed if he only makes one batch for the work party and it all gets eaten. More than that, he will make sure to buy dairy-free chocolate chips!

The right man will take your children shopping for the evening so you can take a nap and have a little sanity break. And part of that shopping trip will include a stop at Wegmans to buy dairy-free ice cream. (Chocolate, which I hope would go without saying.)

The right man will check the laundry for slugs if you forget to take it off the line until after dew fall. He won't even mock you for being totally grossed out by their slimy little bodies.

These are not examples of just the type of thing the right man will do. He must actually do these specific things. (My husband has done all three in the past two days!) Don't settle for less. True love waits. :-)

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