Monday, June 24, 2013

Laundry Room Recovery

You may remember me mentioning my bloggy friend Dwija once or twice around here. That's because she's pretty much incredible. Even my husband likes her blog, which is saying a lot because he and I don't have much overlap in what we enjoy reading.

Anyway, Dwija is in the middle of a very difficult pregnancy. As in, her doom-and-gloom doctor suggested she just have an abortion. (She switched doctors.) On top of this, her laundry room is, um, less than functional.

So another bloggy friend, Cari from Clan Donaldson is hosting a fundraiser! It will last through this week. The goal is to raise enough money to overhaul the entire room, removing both emotional and physical stress from Dwija's life, which is plenty crazy enough already.

I realize there are a ton of great causes out there to which you can donate. But if this one grabs you, please head over to Cari's blog and find that little yellow donate button. Every dollar helps!

It's PayPal, so you can't send a fun money card like this.
But the thought is the same.

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