Friday, June 14, 2013

7QT (Vol. 44): Free gift card! And quality kids' clothes.

Do you ever buy anything online? Are you familiar with Ebates? If the answer to the first was yes, the answer to the second should definitely be yes. They send you free money. For real. A $10 gift card for making your first purchase of $25 or more (which you know you'll do next time you buy from Amazon). Go sign up. It's easy and legitimate. I learned about this from the lovely Dwija, then went and tried it myself. Ta-da! Money came to me! Like magic!

In the interest of full disclosure, more money will magically come to me if you use that link to sign up. But I'm also telling you about it because it is awesome.

My "qualifying purchase" was a Land's End rain coat for Peter. Lots of people recommend buying quality clothes for the first child to use as hand-me-downs. In our family, we like quality because the same child can wear it for three summers in a row...

July 2011

June 2013

Yes. Those are the same clothes, two years apart. Size: 6-9 months. In related news, I think he'll be rear-facing until he hits puberty and still in a booster seat on his wedding day. :-)

In related news, my in-laws are fantastic. They bought Peter two pairs of jeans with adjustable elastic waists. Now that he is out of diapers except for sleeping (hooray!), most of his pants are comically over-sized. Finally some pants he can wear without a belt!


  1. Gus is wearing clothes for the third summer, too! I thought maybe it was because of cloth diapers. He needed a bigger size when he was little to cover the fluffy bum, so now they still fit, although a bit shorter!

    1. Yeah, the cloth diapers definitely make a huge difference! The pajamas that fit him now fall down in the morning once he takes off his diaper. :-)

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