Friday, May 17, 2013

7QT (Vol. 40): Chicken, Waffle Cones and Gifts - Celebrating Feast Days

Because she is adorable and I didn't use this on Wednesday...

Why the World Doesn't Take Catholicism Seriously is a challenging message well worth your time. The institutional Church cannot fix the problems facing it today. We need saints. Are you willing to answer the call?

Related to living our faith, I'm doing my best to make feast days special. I read that in the Middle Ages, people ate some type of bird on the Ascension to celebrate Jesus "flying" into Heaven. For Ascension Thursday last week, we all had chicken for dinner (or something resembling chicken; it was McDonald's after all).

Last Friday was the feast of St. Damian, who ministered to the lepers in Hawaii. He was originally from Belgium. I had planned to buy waffles (we don't have a waffle maker) and have those for lunch with Peter, but forgot. Instead, we all went out for waffle cones! The feast was also a good way to work in a mini geography lesson for Peter.

Sunday is Pentecost , the birthday of the Church. I haven't totally decided yet what we'll do to celebrate, but obviously we need some kind of birthday party! I'm thinking brownies, since they're dairy-free and hold candles well. And maybe fruit salad for the fruits of the Spirit.

What do you think about gifts? Focus on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, explaining them as best I can to a 2 year old? Give physical gifts? Try to tie the two together? Decisions, decisions.

Though to be honest, activities with him don't always turn out as I expect anyway...

And unrelated, I have a guest post up on Working to Beat Hell. The "readiness-based" model of sacramental preparation has opened the door to a tragic misunderstanding of readiness, especially when considering First Communion in relation to the sacrament of Penance. Read more here (if you didn't read it on Tuesday when I put it on Facebook).


  1. had some great ideas for feast days... she doesn't write much anymore, though. =( (And she's from Rochester too, originally.) On a completely random note, St Damian is the namesake of both my husband and son - go figure. :)

    1. Thanks! I just spent some time browsing through her recipes and beautiful pictures. Great resource! Hope your guys had a great feast day.

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    1. You've got some great ideas on there. Thanks for sharing!