Monday, April 1, 2013

Peter Says

My dad recently explained to Peter that waste water goes down the drain, through the sewers, to a waste water treatment plant, and back to the lake. Today when flushing the toilet, Peter told me, "And now it's going to the sewers and to the eggplant."

"Mommy, Anne is spitting up. Don't do that, Anne. (resigned) Anne did not answer. She was spitting up."

*reading the Bible* "The prophet Isaiah is wanted in the city of New York."

"I will bring Anne my zebra, because she is sad. Here, Anne. It is a zebra!"

Fr. Jerry gave a homily about the woman caught in adultery. He suggested that the first time Jesus drew in the dirt, he was saying, "'Don't press it. Don't press it.' But sometimes, we do." Recently, Peter was misbehaving, so I said his name in a warning tone of voice. "Don't press it. That's what Fr. Jerry said, Mommy. Don't press it, but sometimes we do!"

Anne and her Papa

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