Monday, April 15, 2013


At dinner, we share our gratitude and prayer requests with each other. Today, I have so much for which to be thankful. I'm also close to exhausted, due to a number of factors, including messing with my sleep schedule by staying up late this past weekend (hence no post on Friday). So today, a list of blessings, both silly and significant.

Our kitchen floor. Peter knocked over his milk during dinner. I just wiped it up. I hope the thrill of an uncarpeted kitchen never disappears. :-)

The weather. We had a high of 74F today! The diapers are smelling fresh after drying outside, Anne got to experience grass for the first time, and Peter wore his new flip-flops.

Spontaneity. My husband had a meeting tonight during Peter's bedtime. It seemed like Anne was going to sleep through it, but she woke up about 10 mins before I was going to start his get-to-bed routine. Happily, one of my former campers is in the area and agreed to come hold Anne so I could concentrate on Peter. (Anne cried almost continuously for the 45 minutes she was being held. About 5 minutes after I took her, she burped and then was fine. Poor Anne, poor babysitter!)

Chocolate. Really, I'm thankful for this just about every day. Today, in addition to the dark chocolate Irish creme Smidgens I have from Easter, I also had some fudge that my husband brought home from work.

Health. Especially in light of the injuries and deaths in Boston today, I am thankful for the health and safety of my family. What a wonderful gift too often taken for granted.

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