Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 31): Some Days are Stones

"Some days are diamonds, some days are stones..." Oh how true. My husband started work early today, by our standards, to get a few hours of work done. I packed our things (we'd spent the night at his parents' house) and we were ready to go around 11:15. Peter was not ready to go. He never likes leaving his grandparents' house and it was even harder because they weren't there to say goodbye (both at work). And Anne was gassy. As we pulled out of the driveway to attend the funeral of Jeremy's friend who died suddenly last weekend, both kids were crying.

My sweet boy with his new haircut

After the funeral (a good tribute to a wonderful man), we got our car into position to join the funeral procession. The funeral had ended around 1:00; we didn't park at the cemetery, about 3 miles away, until just after 2:00. So that was frustrating. There was a luncheon afterwards, which Jeremy attended while I stayed in the car with two sleeping children. He brought me out a plate and we were on the road shortly after 3:00.

We had intended to leave by 3 at the absolute latest to give ourselves time to clean and have dinner when we got home because we were hosting a Pampered Chef party that started at 6:15. When we got home, our house was 53F. The thermostat was set for 65. We still haven't figured out what is wrong with it... It seems to be turning on and off without reason. Thankfully, the furnace is fine, just the thermostat is wacky, so at least it will be a relatively cheap repair.

However, this meant we had about 90 minutes to get our house up to a habitable temperature. I decided we would have a very cozy party in the family room, which has doors to shut it off from the rest of the house. We put the space heater in there on full blast and I brought the electric kettle and the coffee maker down, planning to serve beverages there.

The Pampered Chef consultant arrived and began setting up in the kitchen. The power went out. Apparently the family room and kitchen are on the same circuit, which had been overloaded by the space heater, kettle, and coffee maker. My husband went to the basement to flip the switch while I moved the drink makers to the dining room. Plugged them in. Power went out on that circuit. Eventually we decided to just make the coffee and worry about the hot water later.

Through all of this, of course, we have two children who are hungry and stressed. Both need a diaper change, both want to be held. My husband is hungry and stressed. My stress had killed my appetite and, by this point, the stress was melting away as the comedy of everything going wrong at the same time started to get to me. I told him, "At least I'll have something to blog about tonight." "Do you think you can get it down to only seven?" :-)

On the plus side, I had a good time with my friends and family, the chocolate lava cake the consultant made was delicious, and one of our friends saved the evening by bringing pizza for us. Peter had a good time playing at the mall with his Papa and Anne enjoyed being held throughout the party. Still, it was quite a day. Someone else can host the next party.


  1. Yikes! You were a trooper wearing a lot of hats today. Sorry to hear about the passing of Jeremy's friend. :( Hoping this weekend brings you rest and relaxation! (And heat!)

    1. The rest of the weekend went quite well. And more warmly. :-) Thanks!

  2. Has the thermostat been replaced? Did you get a few items for hosting the P C party? My condolences on the passing of J's friend. Love Aunt Monica

    1. We did replace the thermostat, but found out that wasn't the problem. Turns out two valves on our furnace were broken. Including the service charge, it was a bit over $400. Certainly more than a thermostat replacement, but still relatively cheap for a furnace repair.

      Yep, we got a few nice items, including a stoneware dish that makes some great microwave recipes. I like things to be quick and easy, so right up my alley!

  3. You're amazing. That's all I can say!! Sometimes, on "those" days, there is nothing you can do BUT laugh. Glad it all worked out!