Monday, February 25, 2013

Peter Says

A long, meandering story ending with, "And it's not polite to bite flamingos. That's why they are in cages, so people won't bite them."

He doesn't say "th" in words. Often it changes to "y" (Look at yat!), but sometimes he just drops it completely. This is always how I hear him when he says the Hail Mary: "And blessed is the fruit of iWomb, Jesus." Next Apple product, just wait.

Sitting next to Jeremy, who is using the laptop: "Daddy, can you show me some funny pictures of kitties?" He knows what the Internet is for. (Prompted by this collection of pictures, which appeals to cat-lovers and typohphiles)

When Jeremy gets home from work: "Daddy!! I missed your phone!"

I don't say much yet. I just look cute.


  1. Marko replaces th's with fl's. So, somefling, I'm flirsty, etc. I think it's so cute... but I hope he grows out of it someday!