Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 21): Peter Says

I happened to be watching the Weather Channel on the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers. The anchors were remembering their feelings of helplessness and foolishness, as they continued to broadcast weather patterns on 9/11/2001. They had nothing to contribute to the news, no way to mitigate the tragedy, but still felt as if they should be saying something other than the weather.

That's similar to how I feel today. There is nothing I can say or do for those families in Newtown to bring back their children. I cannot erase from the minds of survivors the terror they felt or the images they saw. My blog cannot make today's shooting less tragic. What I can do is bring a little smile in a world full of pain. I hope you enjoy tonight's Peter sayings. And say a prayer for all those affected by today's events.

Mommy, want to go back in your tummy.
Well, once you are born, you can't go back in. You were in Mommy when you were a baby, now you are out.
WANT to go back in.
Because you want to see the baby?
But you can't. There's no room.
(pause) Daddy will push the baby to the side and I will go in.

Jeremy: What a good drummer! Are you just like Animal?
Peter: Um, I like animals.

Jeremy, to me: Have you decided where we're going to dinner tonight?
Peter: I can go to Chipotle! If I want to.

Papa! I see a rooster! (pause) Actually, it's... a reindeer.

Papa: Do you think the school bus will go to other houses and pick up children for school?
Peter: It will go trick or treat!
Papa: Oh! What costume would a school bus wear?
Peter: Um, it would be a duck. And ducks are yellow.