Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Water into Wine

Praying the Rosary with Peter, I've been doing one luminous mystery each weeknight at bedtime. Tonight being Tuesday, we reflected on the wedding feast at Cana. (Well, at least I reflected. Peter interrupted a few times to ask when it would be his turn to say the Glory Be.)

Usually I reflect on Mary's command to the servers: do whatever He tells you. Miracles happen when our first response is to obey the voice of God.

Tonight, though, I was struck by another aspect of the story, the transformation of water into wine. Jesus took the mundane (if crucial) stuff of life and made it extraordinary. No longer water, nor even simply wine. The steward's reaction makes it clear that this was wine of the highest quality. The ordinary became worthy of great celebration.

Do I allow my encounters with Christ to transform my life like that?

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